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Inline Search for Internet Explorer 1.5

Inline Search is a add-on for IE that integrates into IE
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Inline Search 1.5 is a very useful free extension for Internet Explorer that resembles Firefox's search bar. Inline Search is a add-on for IE. It integrates cleanly into Internet Explorer (v. 5.5 or above), and adds that little extra that eases your browsing efficiency when you are searching a particular bit of information.
We would prefer a better-looking search bar at the bottom of the page though. However, you can still use the default Internet Explorer search facility by selecting Find on the Edit menu. Inline Search just hijacks the shortcut keys.

Inline Search
Lets you search a word or phrase in the present web page.
A search bar is placed at the bottom of your IE window.
Uses the same keys as Windows: CTRL+F displays the search bar.
Can find partial words as you type them in the search box.
Match Case feature allows you to search in a case sensitive manner.
Highlight All puts on the findings in yellow.
Jumps to the previous or next search string on the current page with just a keystroke.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Available in 29 languages


  • Cannot move the bar
  • Low customization
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